NBA Presentations

Sr.No Title Download
1 Engineering Programs and NBA Accreditation Download
2 Taxonomy of Teaching, Learning and Assessment Download
3 Program Outcomes, Program Specific Outcomes, and Course Outcomes Download
4 Attainment of Course Outcomes Download
5 Use of Surveys Download
6 Rubrics Download
7 Attainment POs and PSOs Download
8 Attainment of POs and PSOs - 1 Download
9 Program Curriculum,T-L and Other Processes;Highly Doable and Highly Useful Download
10 Actions Verbs Download
11 NBA Self Assessment Report Download
12 Pro-forma for Pre-Qualifiers TIER-II Institutions Download
13 SAR-Undergraduate Engineering Programs Download
14 Presentation Material Download
15 POs, Sample PSOs of EEE Download


Sr.No Title Download
1 Sample PEOs Download
2 Sample PSOs Download
3 Sample COs ACS Download
4 Template for writing PEOs Download
5 Template for writing PSOs Download
6 Template for writing COs Download
7 Template for computing CO Attainment Download
8 Template to compute PO-PSO Attainment Download
Computation of CO and POPSO Attainment
1 Sample CO_PO_Attainment Download
Workshop Outcomes and Schedule
1 Workshop Outcomes and Schedule Download

Engineering Education

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1 Accreditation under Curriculum Design Download
Curriculum Design Process For Engineering Education
1 Curriculum Design of Undergraduate Engineering Programs in India Download
2 Curriculum Design of Postgraduate Engineering Programs in India Download
Sample Curricula
1 Electrical and Electronic Engineering - BE Download

Resources - Engineering Education

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1 Engineering Course Design NBA Download
2 Cognitive Processes Download
3 Action Verbs for Cognitive Levels Download
4 Categories of Knowledge - Engineering Download
5 Assessment in Higher Education - Engineering Download
6 POs and PSOs Download
7 COs and Competencies Download

Engineering Course Design

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1 Engineering Course Design Download
Worksheets for Tier 2 Institutions
1 Worksheet NBA T2 Analysis Download
2 Worksheet NBA T2 Design Download
3 Worksheet NBA T2 Development Download
4 Worksheet NBA T2 Evaluate Download
5 Worksheet NBA T2 Implement Download