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About EOG

• ‘Empowerment of Girls to face the social challenges of 21st century’ emerged as a concept and programme out of the wisdom, experiences and passion of the visionary Shri Shantilal Muttha, the Founder President of Bharatiya Jain Sangahatana.

• ‘EOG’ was launched in 2007, by BJS. Since then, it is being conducted as a ‘certificate program both online & offline’ for girls through 3-day workshops across the country, and now gone online.

• Grounding itself in the practical reality that controlling external conditions responsible for unsafe situations is extremely difficult and not in the hands of parents or any individual entity, BJS decided to focus on empowering girls themselves to deal with such situations through this programme.

• It decided to focus on ‘teenagers’ or ‘young adults’ on account of the high vulnerability arising out of their stage of ‘adolescence’.

• The programme therefore aims at reducing vulnerabilities associated with adolescence, equipping girls respond to risk factors in the external environment, and strengthening their relationships with their families who are their primary support system.

• At this developmental stage, girls are moving from state of childhood to adulthood. They move out of their protective home into the larger social world and while doing so, several choices unfold before them.

• For example, a girl who completes school and enters college life, is exposed to much more freedom than before and gets attracted by materialistic pleasures.

• Coupled with drives typically associated with the adolescent phase of development, she may exhibit a more care-free behaviour, make new friends, build new relationships, and be emotional and moody.

• She experiments with her looks, listens to strange music, adopts a ‘chaltahai’ (happy-go-lucky) attitude, embraces odd fashion choices – and all this to the bewilderment of parents.

• With the onslaught of social media and technological advancements, she begins to expand her social connections even with unknown people.

• Ignorant of the reality that it can be misused against her, she may share considerable private information on social network sites.

• Friends, peers and media seem to have greater influence on her rather than her parents and this becomes worrisome for parents.

• Carried away by a ‘fantasy world’, she may tend to distance away from her family, spend hours watching TV and be more loyal to friends.

• Under such a state of affairs, she is at a risk of being swayed away by emotion and passion. She is likely to make choices and act without knowing/ understanding the consequences, and this may put her in a difficult and almost irreparable situation.

• The Programme has been developed with the aim of minimizing such vulnerabilities.

• Quoting an analogy, the EOG programme is designed to equip girls to shield themselves, like ‘fire fighters’ by wearing a ‘protective coat’ while combating the ‘fire’ in the social environment.


  • Me & My Family Relationships
  • Friends & Their Influence
  • Impact of Media & Technology
  • Marriage & Its’ Preparedness

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