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Atmiya Group of Institutions is a Member of IUCEE- Indo-US Collaboration for Engineering Education.

The Indo US Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE) program was conceptualized by over 150 leaders of engineering education and businesses from US and India in 2007 to help create good quality engineering talent in order to find solutions to the global challenges facing humanity such as energy, environment, health and communications.

IUCEE is aiming to build a solid base for engineering education and research by strengthening the four pillars of education:

List of recorded IUCEE Webinars available in Library & Learning Centre:

Webinar TopicDateDownload
ICTIEE 18 Paper: Open Education Resource (OER) for Advanced C Concepts Course using LMS – Moodle for Engineering Education12-4-2018Download
Virtual Academy Action Research in Engineering Classes11-4-2018Download
Automation of OBE processes for Accreditation and Continual academic improvement using IonCUDOS software platform Confirmation10-4-2018Download
ICTIEE 18 Paper Need and evolution of QEEE – Comparison with NPTEL and MOOC4-4-2018Download
ICTIEE 18 Paper:An Interdisciplinary Open Elective Course Learning & Employment Benefits: A case study on Green Building Course Confirmation 3-4-2018Download
ICTIEE 18 Paper Psychometric Analysis of Faculty participation using online tool Confirmation29-3-2018Download
Dynamic Classroom Confirmation28-3-2018Download
ICTIEE 18 Paper Recipe of Annual Quality Assessment Radar (AQAR) Confirmation22-3-2018Download
ICTIEE 18 Paper Leveraging E-Learning through Google Classroom A Usability Study Confirmation21-3-2018Download
Virtual Academy Instructional Module Development System (IMODS) - Session 220-3-2018Download
ICTIEE 18 Paper Developing Creative and Critical Thinking Skills Through Open Ended Design Projects16-3-2018Download
Virtual Academy Instructional Module Development System (IMODS) - Session 113-3-2018Download
PM Narendra Modi’s interaction with Students - Pariksha Pe Charcha, Exam Warriors17-2-2018Download
Reimagine storage to manage data in petabytes11-1-2018Download
Informational Webinar for ICTIEE 2018 and SCALE ASC 201823-11-2017Download
Planning meeting to address Grand Challenges at ICTIEE 2018 20-11-2017Download
Virtual Academy Apache Spark vs Hadoop MapReduce; Part 2 4-10-2017Download
Virtual Academy Engaging students is just the beginning20-9-2017Download
Virtual product development for home appliances (London, BerlinParis, Bangalore)13-9-2017Download
Intro Webinar for IUCEE Course on Engineering Education Research (EER Fall 2017)12-9-2017Download
Intro Webinar to IUCEE-OBE Course7-9-2017Download
Intro webinar for IUCEE Project Management Course6-9-2017Download
Intro Webinar for IUCEE Course Build Your Own Remote Labs4-9-2017Download
Virtual Academy IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) Scope & Challenges towards Revenue Generation 29-8-2017Download
Virtual Academy Automation of OBE and Accreditation to improve Pedagogy24-8-2017Download
Webinar Workshop Preparing for Higher Education in US22-8-2017Download
Virtual Academy Nanotechnology, Nanoscience & Nanomaterials “An emerging technology by 2020”3-8-2017Download
Outstanding Teacher Webinar My Experiments with Engineering Education2-8-2017Download
Outstanding Teacher Webinar Dr.Solanki 25-7-2017Download
Virtual Academy Electrical Engineering through Modern Tool An OBE Approach (Webinar 2)12-7-2017Download
Electrical Engineering through Modern Tool An OBE Approach (Webinar 1)11-7-2017Download
Virtual Academy How IonCUDOS helps NBA-SAR (UG - Tier II)6-7-2017Download
Virtual Academy Composite Materials – Theory And Manufacturing Methods5-7-2017Download
Virtual Academy: An Investigation of Buckling Behaviour on a Composite Stiffened Panel 4-7-2017Download
Video Image Detection and Tracking using PCA and Contour Mapping Scheme28-6-2017Download
Informational Webinar on IUCEE-EPICS Partnership27-6-2017Download
Virtual Academy Augmented Reality (AR)22-6-2017Download
Virtual Academy Flipped Class Room21-6-2017Download
Virtual Academy Teaching & Learning using TCS ERP20-6-2017Download
ICTIEE 2017 Paper Designing an Engineering Laboratory Course for Problem Based Learning13-6-2017Download
Virtual Academy Developing An Entrepreneurial Mindset Through Integrated E-Learning Modules8-6-2017Download
Virtual Academy Remote Access MULTI-USER Hardware Labs in Electronics; a breakthrough learning platform from Emona Australia7-6-2017Download
Virtual Academy Virtual Lab @ SIT_TE6-6-2017Download
Virtual Academy Design and Development of Fixture1-6-2017Download
Virtual Academy Activity Based Programming Learning31-5-2017Download
ICTIEE 2017 Paper An educational framework for automotive ECU design A case study30-5-2017Download
Virtual Academy Design and Verification of Digital Systems on FPGA25-5-2017Download
ICTIEE 2017 Paper A case study on Interdisciplinary Project based Learning 24-5-2017Download
ICTIEE 2017 Paper Attendance in Class and Motivation to Study in an Engineering Course23-5-2017Download
Virtual Academy Transport of microparticles using Liquid crystals18-5-2017Download
ICTIEE 2017 Paper An overview of Active Learning Techniques17-5-2017Download
ICTIEE 2017 Paper Open Educational Resource (OER) C-Programming Handout based Lab Session using MOODLE16-5-2017Download
ICTIEE 2017 Paper HBL for Effective Implementation of Problem Statements during Lab Session11-5-2017Download
ICTIEE 2017 Paper FBL An Activity to Improve Students’ Conceptual Understanding of the Course Operating System10-5-2017Download
ICTIEE 2017 Paper Role of environmental education in engineering education transformations4-5-2017Download
Virtual Academy Teacher Empowerment;Deepak Garg27-4-2017Download
ICTIEE 2017 Papers Introducing Service Learning in the Engineering curriculum EPICS26-4-2017Download
ICTIEE 2017 Papers Promoting Peer Assisted learning and Developing leaders25-4-2017Download
ICTIEE 2017 Papers Improving Teaching Learning process through collaborative activities in class room at KGRCET18-4-2017Download
ICTIEE 2017 Papers Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Engineering Education13-4-2017Download
ICTIEE 2017 Papers Strategic Partnership of Industry and Academia for Skill Development through Multi-Disciplinary Approach12-4-2017Download
ICTIEE 2017 Papers Case based learning in technical education; Pallavi Badri6-4-2017Download
ICTIEE 2017 Papers Exploring OOAD concepts through course projects4-4-2017Download
Virtual Academy Cohesive Teaching Learning Practices (CTLP)3-4-2017Download
Robotics – Vision & Motion integration31-3-2017Download
ICTIEE 2017 Papers Improving Performance of Students in Advanced C Concept by Combined Approach of Flipped Classroom and TPS30-3-2017Download
ICTIEE 2017 Paper SysPro An Android Mobile Application for the Course System Programming23-3-2017Download
ICTIEE 2017 Paper Flipped Classroom Strategy to Improve Students’ Learning of Computer Communication Network22-3-2017Download
ICTIEE 2017 Paper Evolving Engineering Ethics21-3-2017Download
Leveraging the global research to improve student-success in the Indian engineering education system15-3-2017Download
Virtual Labs A new way of learning14-3-2017Download
Virtual Academy An Overview on CO2 research and its impact on Environment14-3-2017Download
ICTIEE 2017 Papers An Effective Way to Improve Problem Solving Skill using TPS, T24S and T21S A Comparative Study9-3-2017Download
Virtual Academy COMSOL for Teaching and Research8-3-2017Download
ICTIEE 2017 Papers Entrepreneurship Development through Existing Curricula; Thanikachalam V7-3-2017Download
Virtual Academy Patent Filing Procedures in India; Ashish M. Kothari1-3-2017Download
ICTIEE 2017 Papers Continuous Quality Improvement through OBE28-2-2017Download
ICTIEE 2017 Papers Research Cluster in Engineering Education and HRD; Thanikachalam V21-2-2017Download
Virtual Academy Hidden treasures in Big Data; Dr.Laxmi Lydia15-2-2017Download
A Method for Tuning More Number of Students towards Out Come Based Education with an Example9-2-2017Download
Virtual Academy Block Based Motion Estimation Algorithms for Video Coding7-2-2017Download
Determination of Velocities and Accelerations of various Kinematic links in a mechanism using Instantaneous Center Method4-2-2017Download
SMART INDIA HACKATHON 2017 Hon’ble Minister of HRD, Shri Prakash Javadekar24-12-2016Download
Virtual Academy Thermodynamics Phase Equilibria and Properties Measurement and Modeling22-12-2016Download
Virtual Academy US College admissions during a Trump presidency; Rajkamal Rao14-12-2016Download
RISE – The Pillars of Quality Assessment; Dr.Radhika Devi V13-12-2016Download
Virtual Academy HADOOP Ecosystem; T. Chandra Sekhar Reddy07-12-2016Download
Virtual Academy Personal Authentication using Biometrics Challenges06-12-2016Download
Virtual Academy Using Collaborative and Team Based Learning in U.S. Colleges Improving Student Learning and EngagementParent Directory01-12-2016Download
Details of woarkshops and talks by 30 international experts in engineering education at ICTIEE 201725-11-2016Download
Virtual Academy Big Data Analytics; Ram Mohan Rao23-11-2016Download
Virtual Academy Engineering Design and Creativity22-11-2016Download
An Introduction to STEM Education Research Methods Parent Directory16-11-2016Download
Virtual Academy Project-Based Learning Engaging Students in Authentic Work15-11-2016Download
Virtual Academy Integrated Machines & Drive Systems Lab at GVPCE Visakhapatnam - An Overview27-10-2016Download
Virtual Academy Student driven design and experimentation; Dr.Joseph Menicucci25-10-2016Download
Virtual Academy Applying Structure to Hadoop Data with Hive18-10-2016Download
Virtual Academy Labview My RIO for Power Electronics Applications13-10-2016Download
Information Webinar about ICTIEE8-10-2016Download
Virtual Academy Robotics Applications using NI LabVIEW06-10-2016Download
Virtual Academy Integrating Entrepreneurial Minded Learning into the Engineering Curriculum05-10-2016Download
Use of Labview for assessing Civil infrastructure By Dr.K.Kumar29-09-2016Download
Virtual Academy Real Life (or Everyday) Examples in STEM Education; R. Echempati27-09-2016Download
Virtual Academy Portable Lab using NI Analog Discovery kit Dr. K.C. Narasimhamurthy, SIT, Tumkur20-09-2016Download
Research Methods for Engineers and Engineering Educators:A Primer22-08-2016Download
Informational Webinar about ICTIEE 2017 11-08-2016Download
Towards Student Centered Teaching-A New Paradigm10-08-2016Download
Digital Image Processing Concepts and Techniques with MATLAB04-08-2016Download
Development of E-Learning Tool for DSP & its Amalgamation with Traditional Teaching02-08-2016Download
Security Issues in Mobile AdHoc Network27-07-2016Download
Research Methodology- Methodologies for Scientific Research26-07-2016Download
Boost Systems Engineering Teaching thanks to virtual twin22-07-2016Download
Higher Education in United States-221-07-2016Download
Integrated Course projects in Automotive Electronics and RTOS13-07-2016Download
Biweekly Gurukul Meeting07-07-2016Download
Blended MOOCs Impacting the future of Higher Education07-07-2016Download
Teacher Education - The immediate need for a positive transformation of engineering education in India30-06-2016Download
A new paradigm of synergy between Engineering Education and Fundamental Scientific Research29-06-2016Download
Industry Teaching Fellow Webinar Sanjay Dalvi, IT Professional28-06-2016Download
ICTIEE 2016 Paper Webinar Engineering Education for the 21st century Technology based hierarchical online learning28-06-2016Download
Spice Training Webinar Continuous Mode Flyback with Transconductance OpAmp - LT137127-06-2016Download
Spice Training Webinar Continuous Mode Flyback with Transconductance OpAmp - LT137127-06-2016Download
Learning styles of students pursuing Master's in Engineering; PK Tulsi23-06-2016Download
Research Series IUCEE Course for Publishing and Reviewing Papers in Engineering Education Part-423-06-2016Download
E-Learning in Electrical Engineering by Deshya Technologies22-06-2016Download
Industry Teaching Fellows Webinar-Aspi Shroff on "Full Life Success"22-06-2016Download
Research Series IUCEE Course for Publishing and Reviewing Papers in Engineering Education Part-321-06-2016Download
Application Of Bio Inspired Algorithms in the field of Optimization; Krishanu Kundu21-06-2016Download
Intro to SkyFi Labs Projects for Engineering Curriculum17-06-2016Download
Institutional Culture and Academic Entrepreneurship16-06-2016Download
Research Series IUCEE Course for Publishing and Reviewing Papers in Engineering Education Part-214-06-2016Download
Proposed maturity model for Industry-Academia Collaboration14-06-2016Download
Leadership in international Information Technology projects - cross-cultural considerations for Japan and India09-06-2016Download
Towards Student-Centered Teaching A New Paradigm07-06-2016Download
Research Series IUCEE Course for Publishing and Reviewing Papers in Engineering Education Part-107-06-2016Download
Dr. Raviprakash R Salagame, Head, Engineering Operations and Global Leader at Delphi Technical Centre, India07-06-2016Download
Big Data and Cloud Computing; Dr.Sasikala K03-06-2016Download
Virtual Academy PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments)02-06-2016Download
Virtual Academy Intrapreneurship and Innovation in Engineering Education; Dr Thanikachalam01-06-2016Download
Aadhaar Research Directions and Domains01-06-2016Download
Virtual Academy Aadhaar; Ravindra Dastikop Download
Android MOOC, Blended MOOC Intertwined with Curriculum for Outcome Based Education24-05-2016Download
Rateless Codes for Free Space Optical Communication20-05-2016Download
University Bridge Program Innovation at the grass roots of learning in higher education18-05-2016Download
Industry Teaching Fellow Webinar Mr.Raja Narsaiah Banda17-05-2016Download
Medical Image Processing; Shrinivas D Desai13-05-2016Download
Tutoring Junior Undergraduate Students by Seniors in Engineering Courses12-05-2016Download
IUCEE Research Cluster Webinar Big Data Analytics on Processing Image Files using Hadoop Framework11-05-2016Download
IUCEE Industry Teaching Fellow Webinar Mr. Jayant Sathe10-05-2016Download
ICTIEE 2016 Webinar Strengthening and Sustaining of Industry- Academics- Government Partnership10-05-2016Download
A Case Study on Teaching and Learning Innovations Applied to Engineering Education05-05-2016Download
OBE Module for Placement of Undergraduate Program Students04-05-2016Download
IUCEE Industry Teaching Fellow Webinar Mr. Srinivas Koduri03-05-2016Download
Getting Students to Participate with an iPhone App - Smitesh Bakrania, Rowan University15-04-2016Download
Reinventing an Engineering Education - Roger Hadgraft, Central Queensland University, Australia14-04-2016Download
POGIL A New Dimension in Higher Education- C Jyotsna, VNR VJIT12-04-2016Download
Smart Learning of "Electrical Machines" and "Power Electronics"29-04-2016Download
Developing Project Management Skills to enable Engineering Faculty to handle Multidisciplinary Projects28-04-2016Download
Facilitating Assessments to Foster 21st Century Skills Towards Technological Terrains27-04-2016Download
Practicing Hypothesis Report Testing- An Effort to Enhance the Learning in Design Analysis Laboratory26-04-2016Download
IUCEE Industry Teaching Fellow Webinar Mr. Anil Pandit26-04-2016Download
Big Data ; Dr.Jasma Balasangameshwara22-04-2016Download
Teaching Pedagogies Used in Higher Education for Better Learning Outcomes21-04-2016Download
Engineering Research and Education through Classroom Satellite Kits and Rudimentary FacilityEquipment Download
Practicing Peer Assessment An Approach to develop 21st century skills 19-04-2016Download
Impact of simulator as a technology tool on problem solving skills of engineering students -a study report14-04-2016Download
Design and execution of strategies for effective implementation of Outcomes Based Education (OBE) in Engineering13-04-2016Download
Mr. Krishna Shastri, over 20 years experience with Patny Computers and Computervision12-04-2016Download
IUCEE Industry Teaching Fellow Webinar: Dr. Rajveer S Shekhawat, Director, School of Computing and IT, Manipal University Jaipur, with more than 10 years industry experience12-04-2016Download
Simulation and Comparative Analysis of STBC and STTC in MIMO Technique08-04-2016Download
Cognitive Based Course Activity: An Opportunity to Enhance Deficient Skills07-04-2016Download
DigiLocker; Ravindra Dastikop06-04-2016Download
Molecular Skit- Role-play as a Pedagogical Tool for Teaching Molecular Biology as an Under-Graduate Engineering Course05-04-2016Download
A preliminary study on the relevance of OBE in engineering- A student centric approach31-03-2016Download
Repository of Instructional and Assessment Techniques for OBE-based Instructional Module Development system30-03-2016Download
Enhancing Institutional Governance beyond the Society's Act of 186029-03-2016Download
IUCEE Research Cluster Webinar: Cloud Computing28-03-2016Download
Transformation in Indian Engineering Education through Academic Autonomy to High Performing Faculty23-03-2016Download
Virtual Labs Planning meeting one23-03-2016Download
Effective Teaching Learning Practices Adopted in Signals and Systems SAS Course22-03-2016Download
QTiME learning - A national perspective - India Fostering four dimension learning, Bala Ajjampur Download
QTiME Learning--Fostering four dimension learning, Bala Ajjampur Download
Virtual Academy Memristors Chaos Theory in Communication Engineering IT ICT Par Download
Memristors & Chaos Theory in Communication Engineering ITIC Part 1 - K.K.Saini, DCET, Noida Download
Carbon Credits - Citizen's Role - K.V.S.G.Murali Krishna, JNTU K Download
Sharing experience of Assessment Advisory Council at RK University17-03-2016Download
Importance of spirit of inquiry in engineering education; Madhav Murthy15-03-2016Download
Meghraj- Government of India Cloud- Bedrock of Digital India10-03-2016Download
The effectiveness of Virtual Labs in engineering education- What do we measure04-03-2016Download
Automation of OBE process as per latest NBA guidelines for tier 2 UGPG guidelines, using IonCUDOS platform Download
Teaching Object-Oriented Numerical Analysis02-03-2016Download
Engineering Women Faculty in institutes provides an inspiration to working women A case study25-02-2016Download
Introduction to IoT and Cloud Computing; Govind G Negalur, Mayur Patil24-02-2016Download
Educating IT-Engineering Theory Courses using BLOOMS Taxonomy (TC-BT) as a tool18-02-2016Download
Women Engineers-Past, Present and Future Scenario17-02-2016Download
An Innovative Multi-Disciplinary Active Learning Task Towards OBE- A Case Study16-02-2016Download
Preparing Next Generation Graduates for a Global Engineering Workforce11-02-2016Download
Teaching Image Processing with Hands on09-02-2016Download
Project Based Learning Method Using Simulation Tools and Hardware Exposure05-02-2016Download
T24S : Modified TPS Activity for Mathematical Subjects to Improve Students' Fundamental Knowledge of the Course04-02-2016Download
Improving the student performance using Think-Pair-Share for Operating System02-02-2016Download
Virtual Academy: "MongoDB" a NoSQL Database29-01-2016Download
Enhancing Student Engagement in a Blended Resident and Online Course Using Clickers and Embedded Questions28-01-2016Download
Project Management and Finance" GA for PG Program in Engineering through Course Project27-01-2016Download
Pig Hadoop and Hive Hadoop; E.Laxmi Lydia, VIIT20-01-2016Download
Clean Village and Engineering Education; Milind Kulkarni, ITM Group19-01-2016Download
Sustainable energy option in india Download
Technology aided and Practical Oriented Innovative Trends in Engineering Education07-01-2016Download
Higher Education in the United States; Rajkamal Rao06-01-2016Download
Effective use of information and communication technology in enhancing teaching-learning outcomes05-01-2016Download
Fundamentals and Applications of Digital Image Processing30-12-2015Download
Enhancing communication skills and ability to engage in life-long learning through effective assignment29-12-2015Download
Outcome Based Assessment A Case Study on undergraduate course on Control Systems; Ciji Pearl Kurian22-12-2015Download
Integrating Entrepreneurial Ecosystem into Engineering Education: Driving Regional Economy in Tier-2 Cities17-12-2015Download
Self- Efficacy in undergraduate women in engineering - A case study15-12-2015Download
Augmenting the Out of Classroom Learning Of Machine Drawing09-12-2015Download
Introduction to the Track- Fostering Innovative Enterpreneurship08-12-2015Download
Social IT Awareness Campaign' (SITAC)06-12-2015Download
Draft Policy on IOT Based Application (Draft of Indian Govt.)05-12-2015Download
An approach to introductory programming03-12-2015Download
Innovating final year (capstone) projects in engineering education02-12-2015Download
Flipped Classroom pedagogy for engineering studies27-11-2015Download
IonCUDOS - Software Platform for OBE from IonIdea; Session 226-11-2015Download
IonCUDOS - Software Platform for OBE from IonIdea; Session 124-11-2015Download
The Need for a Transformation in Engineering Education in India29-10-2015Download
Instructional Design for Problem Based Learning in Engineering28-10-2015Download
Project Management - Knowledge, Curriculum Design, and Skills Development Intro to a IUCEE Course28-10-2015Download
Six C's for effective teaching; Radhika Devi15-10-2015Download
Experimental Manifestation of Big Data Analytics through Hadoop Advance MapReduce13-10-2015Download
In house IPR Management in engineering Institution06-10-2015Download
Experimental Advent of Big Data Analytics Using Hadoop MapReduce08-10-2015Download
Elsevier--Solving problem that matter30-09-2015Download
Pathways to Innovation" Overview of a US National Science Foundation program by Liz Nelson and Victoria Matthew"16-09-2015Download
Big Data Analytics08-09-2015Download
Engineering education in 202504-09-2015Download
Roboversity & IUCEE Challenges12-08-2015Download
Sharing of experience to innovate evaluation of technical seminars for final year UG students of ECE30-07-2015Download
PIC micro controller architecture: Industrial Design Features29-07-2015Download
Improving higher education student learning through Constructive Progressive Alignment17-7-2015Download
Review of upcoming IUCEE Courses in OBE , Teacher Certification and Engineering Design14-7-2015Download
Culturally Relevant Engineering Design Why & How04-07-2015Download
Autocad 201626-06-2015Download
Cloud Computing Series 124-06-2015Download
NPTEL In classroom and beyond23-06-2015Download
Information re IUCEE Teacher Certification Program19-06-2015Download
Sketcher creo10-06-2015Download
Are students motivated to learn? - A Diagnostic Approach to Academic Motivation & Engagement08-06-2015Download
Become an Engineer Not Just Engineering Graduate 6-5-201505-06-2015Download
Good Governance Practices;29-05-2015Download
One Step to Transform Engineering Education System in India27-05-2015Download
Model Intellectual Property Policy for Engineering Institutions26-05-2015Download
Educators for 21st century engineers23-05-2015Download
IPR Intellectual Property Rights20-05-2015Download
How we can use hydrogen as alternate fuel15-05-2015Download
Spatial Skills13-05-2015Download
ICTIEE 2016 Informational webinar by Krishna Vedula08-05-2015Download
IOT Application & Research direction05-05-2015Download
Blended Course Offering by US Faculty in Vietnam Potential Model for India30-04-2015Download
Outcome based education29-04-2015Download
IOT Applications22-04-2015Download
To use student project effectively16-04-2015Download
Glimpses of Digital Signal Processing09-04-2015Download
Become Successful Department head06-04-2015Download
Benefits of using of NPTEL video lectures in Engineering Education and its implementation at JECRC UDML06-03-2015Download
Cloud Computing Models07-02-2015Download
Change Detection Techniques in Remote Sensing (satellite) Images; Monika Phulia07-01-2015Download