High Journal Prices

Some commercial publishers show double digit profits and can charge libraries over $20,000 per year for a single journal.

Authors Give Up Their Rights

Most authors transfer their copyright to publishers without understanding all the rights they are giving up.

Open Access is an Alternative

AITS authors have many ways to make their work more visible, from publishing in open access journals to depositing their work in our repository, ResearchWorks.

The digital revolution has resulted in radically simpler, timelier and more democratic access to a wide range of information. But we still see journal prices spiraling ever higher, plus disturbing restrictions on access to published research. It doesn't have to be this way...

Know the Facts

  • The Economics of Journal Publishing
  • Open Access FAQ

It's Your Scholarship—Control Your Publishing Options

  • Determine, Negotiate, and Retain Your Author Rights
  • Change Where and How You Publish for Increased Access and Affordability
  • Deposit Your Work in Open Access Repositories

Actions and Alternatives at AITS

  • Open Access Institutional Repository
  • UW Libraries Support for Open Access