Edmodo helps connect all learners with the people and resources needed to reach their full potential.

Product Website: www.edmodo.com

Edmodo Mobile App

Use Edmodo for:

• Secure classroom discussions
• Posting assignments
• Gradebook tracking
• File sharing and uploading

Key Features:

• Classroom activity feed
• Student progress tracker
• Educational resource library
• Professional learning networks


Your sales, service and partner teams can easily receive just-in-time training; improving skills, competency and product knowledge.

Product Website: http://anz.blackboard.com/
Blackboard Mobile App

Blackboard Mobile Learn makes it easier for you to keep up with your courses by letting you access them whenever and wherever you want.

With Blackboard Mobile Learn, you can:

  • -Receive push notifications of course activity
  • -Check Grades*
  • -Post to Discussions
  • -Attach files from Dropbox
  • -Read Announcements (instructors can post Announcements)
  • -View Content (instructors can post Content Items)
  • -Create and comment on Blogs and Journals posts
  • -Take mobile-friendly tests


The Sakai Environment provides a flexible and feature-rich environment for teaching, learning, research and other collaboration. As an open source software suite developed by its adopter community, Sakai continually evolves in step with the needs of the students, faculty members and organizations it serves.

Product Website: https://www.apereo.org/


Canvas enables easy integration of the content, tools, and services that teachers need and students want. Not surprisingly, listening to users about their needs and wants then rolling out the most usable, customizable, adaptable, and reliable learning platform (think 99.9% uptime)makes all the difference when it comes to campus wide LMS adoption.

Product Website: https://www.instructure.com/
Canvas Mobile App

Students, instantly access your Canvas courses--for free. Just like Canvas on the web, but you don't have to lug around a laptop to keep up on your homework.

  • See your grades
  • Submit assignments
  • Customize your courses
  • Check off your to-do list
  • Post to discussions
  • Send and receive messages
  • Learn more about pandas
  • View content and modules
  • Watch videos
  • Take quizzes
  • See notifications
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Moodle

    (also known as a Learning Management System or a Virtual Learning Environment).

    Product Website:https://moodle.com/
    Moodle Mobile App

    NOTE: This official Moodle Mobile app will ONLY work with Moodle sites that have been set up to allow it. Please talk to your Moodle administrator if you have any problems connecting.

      If your Moodle site has been configured correctly, you can use this app to:
    • - browse the content of your courses, even when offline
    • - receive instant notifications of messages and other events
    • - quickly find and contact other people in your courses
    • - upload images, audio, videos and other files from your mobile device
    • - view your course grades
    • - and more!

    Please see http://docs.moodle.org/en/Mobile_app for all the latest information.

    D2L Brightspace

    Brightspace is helping to transform the way the world learns.

    Product Website: https://www.d2l.com/
    D2L Brightspace Mobile App


    The official mobile app for FUSION 2013, Desire2Learn's 10th Annual Users Conference. Use the app to learn more about our host city, Boston, as well as find your personalized conference schedule, conference updates, Team Challenge scoreboard, access to the FUSION Portal, and much more.

    Google Classroom

    Classroom is a tool in Google Apps for Education that helps teachers create and organize assignments quickly, provide feedback efficiently, and easily communicate with their classes.

    Product Website: https://www.google.co.in/?gfe_rd=cr&ei=ry20V5-FIqTv8wedx7nQAQ
    Google Classroom Mobile App

    Classroom is only available for students and teachers with a school-provided Google Apps for Education account.

    Classroom helps teachers save time, keep classes organized, and improve communication with students. It is available to anyone with Google Apps for Education, a free suite of productivity tools including Gmail, Drive and Docs.

      There are many benefits of using Classroom:
    • 1. Easy to set up - Teachers can add students directly or share a code with their class to join. It takes just minutes to set up.
    • 2. Saves time - The simple, paperless assignment workflow allows teachers to create, review, and grade assignments quickly, all in one place.
    • 3. Improves organization - Students can see all of their assignments on an assignments page, and all class materials are automatically filed into folders in Google Drive.
    • 4. Enhances communication - Classroom allows teachers to send announcements and start class discussions instantly. Students can share resources with each other or provide answers to questions on the stream.
    • 5. Affordable and secure - Like the rest of our Google Apps for Education services, Classroom contains no ads, never uses your content or student data for advertising purposes, and is free for schools.

    CallidusCloud Litmos

    Litmos is an award winning learning management system & the most user-friendly LMS in the world. Litmos enables the rapid creation of web based courses & easy distribution to learners on Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad & Android. Easily create learning courses in minutes. Litmos is the future of learning!

    Product Website: http://www.calliduscloud.com/
    CallidusCloud Litmos Mobile App

    Litmos LMS makes learning more accessible for you by ensuring you can access all your elearning courses via your smartphone. With this learning management system app, you can easily search for your organization's learning content and access it anytime, anywhere. Organizations enjoy higher learner retention, engagement and course consumption. This app requires an active Litmos LMS account and same username and password can be used to login as the web application. With this app, Learners can

    - Access assigned eLearning courses and train anywhere, anytime

    - Restart and continue any in progress courses that they started on a desktop or laptop

    - Search and self enroll courses from the corporate library

    - Review and download achievements, points and badges

    Litmos is an award winning Learning Management System (LMS) that enables companies to quickly create, manage, deliver and track self paced, instructor Led or blended training across every department via any platform, anytime, anywhere. Companies realize greater productivity, employee engagement and reduced training costs with Litmos.


    Schoology is the education technology company putting collaboration at the heart of the learning experience. Schoology's education cloud connects the people, content, and systems that fuel education, and provides all the tools needed to personalize education and improve student outcomes.

    Product Website: http://www.schoology.com/
    Schoology Mobile App

    Get the app that brings Schoology's CODiE-award-winning learning management solution to your Android device. Manage your classroom, create and submit assignments, participate in interactive discussions, perform assessments, collaborate with your peers, and more!

    Have rich and engaging academic experiences anytime, anywhere with the official Schoology Android App! Start today by registering for a free Schoology account.

    *A Schoology account is required to use this app.

    You can register for your free account at http://www.schoology.com/register

    Skyward Student Suite Software

    Skyward offers school districts a complete solution for all their administrative software needs, beginning with an implementation that meets timelines and ensures staff are comfortable and knowledgeable, through running the expansive capabilities of the School Management System to produce state reports faster with more accuracy.

    Product Website: http://www.skyward.com/

    Infinite Campus

    Infinite Campus is a comprehensive, Web-based K-12 student information system (SIS) with real-time access to administration, instruction, communication, curriculum, reporting and more.

    Product Website:https://www.infinitecampus.com/
    Infinite Campus Mobile App

    Infinite Campus Mobile Portal keeps you informed. View assignments, grades, attendance and more.

    Login Instructions

    1). Find your District ID Log in to your school's Campus Portal via a Web browser. Click on the 'Get Your District ID' button. Enter this code in the District ID area of the app. If you receive a message that your District ID is not recognized, contact your school to get your new District ID.

    2) Enter your username and password This information is provided by your school/district.

    3) Review your settings Subscribe to 'Notifications' to receive alerts about grades, assignments and attendance changes.

    Access Information View assignments, attendance, planner, grades and food service information (Infinite Campus Food Service required).

    Notifications Receive immediate notifications when changes are made.

    App Requirements Your school district must use Infinite Campus as its student information system.
    An active Infinite Campus Portal account is required (accessed through a Web browser).

    McGraw-Hill Connect Education

    McGraw-Hill Connect is a digital teaching and learning environment that saves students and instructors time while improving performance over a variety of critical outcomes.

    Product Website: http://www.mheducation.com/


    Chamilo is an Free Software (Open Source) e-learning management system (LMS) focused on ease of use and speed. It offers a broad spectrum of features including SCORM support, complex exams configurations, certificates generation, skills management, courses catalogue and shopping cart to sell the courses you produce straight away.

    Product Website: https://chamilo.org/

    Path LMS

    Built specifically for online educators and meetings & events, Path LMS is a flexible, powerful content management platform that helps you manage your message on your terms.

    Product Website: http://www.blueskyelearn.com/

    WizIQ LMS

    WizIQ LMS is a complete solution for your teaching and training needs, which gives you more control and ownership of your online learning ecosystem.

    Product Website: https://www.wiziq.com/
    WizIQ LMS Mobile App

    Get ready for the real mobile learning with the WizIQ App, the most comprehensive online education App available to learners and educators today. The App gives learners a complete sense of freedom. They can access their online courses, live classes, and learning content on the go. Now every moment is a learning moment. Time and place don't matter. With this nifty app, educators can rediscover the joy of teaching. You can deliver a live class and connect with your learners from your favorite hangout or cafe while enjoying a hot cuppa. It's that easy! Teach & learn using the WizIQ App, anytime, anywhere. There's no cutting corners here; it's a complete mobile learning experience. Are you game?

      WizIQ App features:

    For learners:

  • courses you are enrolled in, and courseware (documents, presentations, PDFs, videos, etc.)
  • Attend live classes and view class recordings
  • Receive notifications for classes, tests, assignments, etc.
  • View updates from your learning network and participate in course discussions
  • Send and receive WizIQ emails

  • For Educators:

  • Deliver live classes using the award-winning WizIQ Virtual Classroom
  • Use multiple whiteboards and tools
  • View and share files (documents, presentations, and multimedia files)
  • View recordings of live classes The future of online education is mobile learning.
  • Engrade

    Unifying education and improving student outcomes by helping educators, parents, and students manage the entire learning cycle on one cloud-based solution.

    Product Website: http://www.mheducation.com/

    Haiku Learning

    Haiku Learning is a full suite of beautiful, cloud-based tools designed to get you up and running with digital learning in minutes.

    Product Website: https://www.haikulearning.com/


    Edsby is a modern, cloud-based learning management system (LMS) for K-12 school districts that uses latest web and mobile technologies to connect teachers, students and parents in exciting new ways. Among its tightly integrated features social learning, school news, group collaboration, assessment management, timetables and calendars, course planning, report cards, attendance and more.

    Product Website: http://edsby.com/

    My Big Campus

    My Big Campus is the buzzing educational hub between a student and the Web.

    Product Website:www.mybigcampus.com

    Gaggle Safe LMS

    The Gaggle Safe Learning Management System (LMS) promotes student and teacher collaboration while increasing student engagement and teacher productivity. Optional Safety Management controls, such as an Anti-Pornography Scanner and a customizable Blocked Words List, discover inappropriate words and images inside the LMS.

    Product Website:www.gaggle.net


    NEO is a world class, award winning LMS for use by schools and universities. The platform is known for its easy-to-use and beautiful user interface, comprehensive set of innovative features, and pricing that provides great value for money. With NEO it’s easy to create great classes that students will enjoy anytime, everywhere.

    Product Website: www.neolms.com

    NEO LMS Mobile App

    Get the full functionality of NEO LMS by using the Android Mobile App. NEO LMS is a simple, powerful, cloud-hosted LMS for use by individual teachers, schools, districts, and universities.

    With the mobile app you can access the full feature set of our site , create classes and assignments, connect with students, collaborate, track students progress, and share resources. You can have an engaging and productive LMS experience anytime, anywhere.

    ExpertusONE LMS

    What You Get with the ExpertusONE LMS ExpertusONE is the most powerful and intuitive LMS for training any audience in your ecosystem. Voted #1 by eLearning/24x7 and others, the enterprise-class ExpertusONE LMS engages and empowers learners and admins, enhances learning effectiveness and enables distributed learning at scale.

    Product Website:www.expertus.com

    ExpertusONE LMS Mobile App

    Newly added features and enhancements,

    - Dashboard for Managers that provides statistical level information
    - Trainings in the Catalog page can also be viewed in Grid View
    - Performance improvements and bug fixes
    (Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.)

    ExpertusONE Mobile makes it easy to learn any time, anywhere,on any mobile device. With true offline sync, content is downloaded to your device so you can learn on-the-go with no internet connection required. This means zero performance delays and no restricted access and functionality. Simply launch courses, documents, videos or social tools – whatever you need… when and wherever you need it most. Automation of classroom attendance and participation allows for increased productivity. ExpertusONE Mobile is designed to support ongoing learning cycles for users who travel, work in the field or have limited internet access or low bandwidth. Actionable mobile analytics and a user friendly interface (no panning/zooming/scrolling required), makes learning incredibly easy and convenient and expands on what you can do with the LMS.

    ● Intuitive, optimized, easy-to-use user interface
    ● True Offline Content Player and tracking – First enterprise LMS to provide true offline sync
    ● Mobile-ready content can be downloaded to any device, used offline, then automatically synced
    back to the ExpertusONE LMS
    ● Presence sensing (For ILT attendance and participation)
    ● Instructors can push surveys to the classroom participants
    ● Share contacts feature for classroom participants
    ● Managers can use Dashboards, compliance tools and analytics to track their team’s learning status
    ● Using embedded links managers can instantly call or email non-compliant team members
    ● Browse training catalog, view, and search, see popularity and register for courses
    ● Advanced refine search filters in Catalog, My learning & Analytics
    ● Real-time personalized training calendar
    ● Ability to launch survey and assessments right from the classroom
    ● Ability to delete downloaded content after completing a class
    ● Time zone updates itself automatically
    ● Ability to login using SSO login
    ● Voice-based search (Android only), location mapping, one-click registration and launch and
    many more…


    ATutor is a FREE Open Source LMS, used to develop online courses and create elearning content.

    Product Website: www.atutor.ca


    Learndot is a learning management system Built for Customer Success for Fast-Growing Software Companies.

    Product Website: www.learndot.com


    Intuo is a straightforward learning management system that enables you to improve performance through training, tracking and reporting tools.

    Product Website: www.intuo.io

    Inquisiq R4

    Inquisiq R4 is a web-based SCORM compliant (1.2 and 2004) Learning Management System (LMS) for smallto medium sized businesses. As an enterprise LMS, Inquisiq allows for a high degree of automation in groups,enrollments, email reminders, and reports.

    Product Website:www.inquisiq.com


    Do you want to deliver online training to your employees, without stretching your budget? CourseMill is your solution. (A learning management system, aka LMS, is a software application platform that delivers, managesand tracks online training results. It also generates reports for those courses and training programs.)

    Product Website: trivantis.com

    Examination Online

    Examination online is the most user friendly training platform in the industry. They offer unique capabilities of customizing the off-the-shelf product as per your specific requirements at an unimaginable costs.

    Product Website: www.examinationonline.com


    Etudes organization that offers centralized hosting, support, site and account management, training and professional development opportunities to institutions and organizations that need a turn-key, fully-managed course management solution.

    Product Website: etudes.org


    LAMS is a tool for designing, managing and delivering online collaborative learning activities.

    Product Website: lamsfoundation.org

    ProProfs Learning Management System

    ProProfs is a powerful learning management system that helps instructors to create and deliver online training courses. The LMS offers both businesses and educational institutions comprehensive training solutions by allowing them to create online courses, complemented by tests, surveys, polls and even a knowledgebase.

    Product Website:www.proprofs.com


    A powerful, yet flexible & simple LMS to cover your training & skills development needs.

    Product Website: www.efrontlearning.net

    Collaborize Classroom

    Bringing a free collaborative education platform & resources to teachers

    Product Website: www.collaborizeclassroom.com


    Epsilen is free for all learners and educators with .edu or .k12 email addresses and for users at institutions who have licensed the Epsilen Environment for its teaching and learning products.

    Product Website:corp.epsilen.com

    Jenzabar eLearning

    Jenzabar is a leading provider of enterprise software, strategies, and services developed exclusively for higher education.

    Product Website: www.jenzabar.com


    ILIAS is a powerful Open Source Learning Management System for developing and realising web-based e-learning. The software was developed to reduce the costs of using new media in education and further training and to ensure the maximum level of customer influence in the implementation of the software.

    Product Website: www.ilias.de


    OLAT is an open source learning management system (LMS) used all over the world.

    Product Website: www.olat.org


    Open source learning management system for the enterprise, business, school and other institutions. Product Website: www.openolat.com


    eChalk was built for K-12 school systems so they could communicate and collaborate—and save time, money and sanity while doing it.

    Product Website:www.echalk.com


    The easier it is for teachers and parents to communicate the more involved everyone becomes. We keep MemberHub simple and give schools just the tools they need to communicate effectively.

    Product Website: memberhub.com


    Manage your education institution from any device, anytime, anywhere. Because we think that school management software should be easy, beautiful, complete

    Product Website:www.classe365.com

    FlipSwitch Suite

    The FlipSwitch Suite is an elegantly designed product built by educators for educators. It is uniquely positioned to address the needs of today's schools bringing their management systems together into a single comprehensive product.

    Product Website:www.flipswitch.com


    No more searching for highlighers and notebooks. MindTap Reader lets you highlight and take notes online, right within the pages.

    Product Website: www.cengage.com


    The only intelligent teaching and learning platforms powered by behavioral analytics

    Product Website: loudcloudsystems.com


    Innovative learning technologies and immersive content solutions for Education and Workforce.

    Product Website:www.adrenna.com


    Mykoob is a school management system which is an essential support to educational institutions, encouraging student and school interaction Product Website: www.mykoob.com


    Alma is the first Holistic Student Engagement Platform for K-12 schools. Almas cloud-based SaaS platform helps improve student outcomes and empower educators!

    Product Website: www.getalma.com

    Informetica LCMS

    Informetica is a powerful Learning Content Management System (LCMS) designed specifically for corporate and government markets.

    Product Website: www.informetica.com


    TWORX Education is an educational software solutions that address the needs of K12 education institutions worldwide.

    Product Website: www.itworx.education

    Techniq Online University

    Techniq Online University is an integrated Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that helps Corporations, Educational Institutions and Non-profit organizations manage their education offerings.

    Product Website:www.vitalect.com


    Deliver webinars and webcasts, on demand courses, and continuing education, all through the power of the proprietary Learning Platform, Freestone.

    Product Website: www.abila.com


    Knewton's mission is to personalize learning for the world.

    Product Website: www.knewton.com


    Teaching the Next Digital Generation.

    Product Website: www.blinklearning.com


    FACT:98% of SmarterU clients would happily refer us to a colleague. Why? We've got ALL the LMS features they need in a beautiful interface backed by amazing training & support.

    Product Website: SmarterU.com

    Knowledge Anywhere LMS

    Empower your workforce to succeed with an online training solution that was created with the 21st-century learner in mind. Built for any screen size, Knowledge Anywhere's LMS allows trainers to surpass the time, distance and location barriers of training to provide a just-in-time solution.

    Product Website:www.knowledgeanywhere.com


    CampusQuad empowers students to tap into their living and learning environments with an instant, reliable, two-way mobile communication channel.

    Product Website: www.campusquad.co

    Paradiso LMS

    Most learning management system solutions out there don’t offer all the features you need or a lot more than what you need. All the companies offer a generic LMS, this means you are paying too much for features you don’t need or too much and not receiving enough.

    Product Website: www.paradisosolutions.com


    A super-easy, cloud LMS to train your employees, partners, customers or students

    Product Website: www.talentlms.com


    A simple to use Learning Management System

    Product Website: www.scormlms.com

    Cornerstone for Salesforce

    Effective training within Salesforce

    Product Website: www.cornerstoneondemand.com


    StudyCloud creates hyper-focused communities for learning.

    Product Website: www.mystudycloud.com


    Administrate is Training Administration Software created specifically for training providers to manage their entire operation from one place.

    Product Website: www.getadministrate.com


    LearnwithGuru is a Learning Management System platform for Institutes/Teachers/Colleges. It helps teachers to manage their courses / lectures / materials / video lectures, conduct online tests (subjective and objective), provide performance analytics based on the performance in the tests, discussion boards etc. The platform is free for use except for video lectures.

    Product Website:www.guruhome.learnwithguru.com


    RomyLMS is a new entrant to the LMS market. They have focused on core functionality over trendy features. Doing so has allowed the system to remain intuitive and easy to use. With RomyLMS, you can enter course material, assign it to users, and track those users' progress.

    Product Website:romylms.com

    Thinking Cap LMS

    Thinking Cap Learning Management System (LMS) is a software that targets training needs across all training devices, easy to set up, customizable, secure and flexible to handle as many learners as needed and robust enough to deliver detailed tracking and reporting on each and every one of them.

    Product Website: www.thinkingcap.com

    Compass Learning

    Compass Learning is a K12 learning acceleration software for blended learning, intervention, high school, and inquiry-based personalized learning.

    Product Website: compasslearning.com