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  • Acharya, G. D; Shah, Yash D.; Moga, Vivek; Singh, Dilbag (2016)
    The paper deals with the tentative survey on the heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of CNT glaze on a stainless steel substrate in a rectangular comprehensive channel with water as the working fluid. The ...
  • Dhankecha, Nikul; Solanki, Sagar; Ramanuj, Aman; Goyani, Ankit; Zala, Raviraj (Atmiya Institute Of Technology and Science, 2015)
    Our project aim is to easily paying the billing without any fail.And also this system is very easy to run and maintenance free.
  • Humbal, Gautam; Sheladiya, Jignesh; Bhatt, Vikrant; Raval, Mitesh (Atmiya Institute Of Technology and Science, 2015)
    Induction motors are widely used in many residential, industrial, commercial, and utility applications. Single-phase induction motors are widely used in home appliances and industrial control. A variable-frequency drive ...
  • Thakker, Tanmay; Patel, Krishna; Patel, Pinkal; Kumar, Monu (Atmiya Institute Of Technology and Science, 2015)
    This project discusses the need for power factor correction and provides a suitable solution that could be used for small-scale industries and establishments. In industrial units and establishments, most of the loads are ...
  • Zala, Ruturajsinh; Makavana, Yuvrajsinh; Patel, Gaurangkumar; Jadeja, Vishvarajsinh (Atmiya Institute Of Technology and Science, 2015)
    ∆-Y and Y-Y transformers in order to obtain a 6-pulse converter and a reduced output ripple. The filters are required to reduce the current harmonic generated by the converter. The 6-pulse converter is obtained by 6-pulse ...

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