Code Of Conduct

Prior to entering the Library, Shoes, chapels, sandals any footwear be removed at a place specially allotted for the same, the shoe racks. Also note that the Library department will not be responsible for loss of shoes.

Introduction to user

You are requested not to keep any valuables (e.g. money, mobile phones or any costly gadgets) in the property counter. Library department will not be responsible for any such loss.

Entry to the library is restricted to the bonafide members on production of valid identity card at the check point. The staff member at the checkpoint may refuse entry to those who do not produce a valid identity card.

  • Switch off your mobiles before entering the Library. There is a Penalty of Rs. 500/- for students & Penalty of Rs. 1000/- for faculty if found using the mobile inside the Library.
  • No group discussions will be entertained in the Library.
  • No eatables are allowed in the Library.
  • Before leaving the study table please place the chairs back properly.
  • Students found misbehaving will be strictly dealt with and may even be blocked from the Library facilities.
  • Books should not be misplaced on the racks as this would create a problem for other students and also the staff in searching. Any student found doing this would be strictly handled.
  • Students should also use the books and keep them back in their right place else leave it on the table but not misplace the book.
  • The library material, including books and IT equipment, should be handled with utmost care. Mutilation, writing on books, cutting pages will be severely dealt with.
  • During teaching hours, students will not be allowed in the library except during recess and free slots.

Library Rules of Regulation

Overdue charges

Failure to return books on time will result in overdue charges as follows:

Total 3376
Unique 79